Frequently Asked Questions

Which game engine is Heal Plz being developed in?

Heal Plz is being developed in the Unity engine.

When is Heal Plz going to be released? Steam says Q1 2020.

The short answer is “When it’s done”. The longer answer is that releasing a quality game that everyone will love  is our #1 priority, and with that goal in mind, it won’t be released until we’re certain it’s ready.

Is this an online game?

No, while Heal Plz takes a lot of inspiration from various MMORPGs and attempts to simulate the group healing experience, it is an entirely single player game.

Will Heal Plz be available on Steam Early Access?

Whether or not Heal Plz will release on Steam Early Access is TBD. If there is sufficient demand, and if we believe we can do so while maintaining a consistently great experience for our players, we would love to be able to involve the community in the evolution of Heal Plz via Steam Early Access.

Is there going to be a Beta Test? When is it?

If you’re interested in participating in testing, please sign up for our Newsletter and stay tuned!